FLO being one of the cornerstone to the Slovenian DeepEnd! imprint

Darkened percussion, clean basslines and jazzy sounds over 140 beats; we introduce the underrated FLO who was signed by DubDiggerz last year. The Slovenian producer rather prefers to keep a low profile and focuses on the music: “I just like to make tunes whenever I feel comfy and I prefer not be pressured by labels with deadlines etc.” When it comes to DubDiggerz’ imprint though, he seems very willing to contribute. Recently FLO was spotted again being part of the label’s debut vinyl release with his track “Ahn Qiraj” included and now some of his newest material is bundled on the current Mimic EP. Slovenia’s already respected DeepEnd! imprint works only with local producers which most definitely gives the imprint an authentic touch. The label’s output proves the health of the Slovenian dubstep scene. Even though the community is relatively small, a cosy atmosphere is what dominates the environment. DPNDF09 releases on the 19th of January 2018.