DubDiggerz put Slovenian dubstep scene on the map with compilation release

Supported steadily by J:Kenzo on his Rinse FM shows, the Slovenian dubstep duo DubDiggerz recently had their debut EP released on Joe Nice’s Gourmet Beats. Over the last year they properly established their very own record label DeepEnd! (not to be confused with the Australia-based The Deep End Collective). DeepEnd! already released a few loose singles but are now putting forward their first VA compilation. Backed up with very unique artwork, “Chapter I” is forthcoming on the 7th of September 2017 and holds content from DubDiggerz, FLO, RawLand and Pier. Through these signings the label owners confirm to focus on putting Slovenian talent in the spotlight. Nevertheless the collective is also known for its live events through which they get the locals familiar with the sound system culture. It’s obvious that DeepEnd! decided to press “Chapter I” on vinyl given their passion for dubstep. Get to know this essential player in Slovenia’s growing dubstep scene.