TRUTH - "Wilderness Of Mirrors"

Fancy music video’s, several single releases, features on major music websites.. with all the hype around Disciple forthcoming project you might forget this LP actually is an extremely unique collection of one of the finest underground dubstep tunes. Reaching a massive audience simply by focussing on quality music is only possible at Disciple. For some it might look like if Disciple is a rather commercial oriented record label, but actually the team at Disciple knows exactly what they’re doing and have a very good knowledge of the genre’s history and its roots. In fact this heavily vocal-focussed album, and basically all of TRUTH’s content in general, is the perfect music for the average listener to get in touch with sound system dubstep and combined with Disciple’s expertise this album is a gamechanger.

We premiered quite some content from TRUTH, as well as from their own label over the past few years, but while they were launching new talents on a regular base, they were secretely working on their fourth album. It took the New Zealand dubstep brothers about two years to finish the project and eventually 14 full-worthy tracks are being included. Once again out to Disciple for releasing, what is being currently regarded according to us, as “one of the most remarkable dubstep-based albums”. The complete “Wilderness Of Mirrors” LP will be available via all stores on the 19th of May 2017.