Truth and Youngsta share their story with Shadow People

Truth and Youngsta visit us from the future as they guide us through a post-apocalyptic vast desert. A replete world in which creativity and art is being oppressed by all means. A society in which there is no place for expression or emotion. A globe without any critical voices where only blind obeying is accepted. Truth and Youngsta share their story with Shadow People: “There was the explosion and then its aftermath, everything had changed. Just as we, the survivors, emerged from the smoke and dust, so did a new disturbing reality. We soon realized the old dystopia was gone, to be replaced by the new dystopia. The enforced crackdown on anything not deemed strictly necessary for survival by a new power: “The Awakened”. Not even realizing the irony of their self-appointed title, the oppressor began to crush all who sought self expression, attempting to abolish that which makes us human. Without creative outlets, people began to lose hope, the spark defeated, destroyed, wiped out.”

After three years of endeavour, three like-minded individuals finally took back the shadows before its people were erased completely. Away from the eyes that watch constantly, everywhere. That’s when they began transmissions to create hope within an unstable reality, providing sanctuary for all. “As the transmissions continued, people on the surface began to regain hope. Re-learning how to stay true to themselves, learning how to see through the lies whilst the dust settled around them. We watched it spread, slowly at first, but soon more rapidly like a firestorm consuming the sky.” On the 28th of February 2018 those people have planned to emerge from the shadows and break free from their oppressor with 12 dubstep-oriented transmissions, encrypted in one album. They only have one message for humankind: fight the power which retrains you to pursue your interests in life.

Your best chance to catch a glimpse of Shadow People live will be at planet Earth’s most underground venues where they feel well… the least uncomfortable: “We have been forced to use this alias to prevent the authorities discovering our true identities, the consequences do not bear thinking about. This is the harsh reality, where creativity is seen as a cursed distraction. We play the music of our time, this dystopian present, music made by people in the shadows, for people in the shadows. Endlessly deeper. Endlessly darker, endlessly dangerouser…”