VA - "DDDC001"
Release in its totality

We’re pretty sure that you’re familiar with Deep Dark & Dangerous by now, the label founded by Truth. Over the past few years the two New-Zealanders travelled around the world to do live shows and without a doubt they’ve been introduced to and inspired by a wide range of refreshing sounds from local producers during their journeys. Their experiences eventually led to the launch of a mix series in which Truth especially focuses on playing music from upcoming producers and this 12-track debut compilation is the result of genuinely being interested in pushing talent. Apart from their own track “Militant Sound”, they welcome producers such as Arkwright, Kloudmen, Sepia, Headland and Abstrakt Sonance on this first instalment. We’ve had our eye on quite a few names from this volume already so it’s lovely to see that their music is being acknowledged by Truth as well. DDDC001 is due to release on the 15th of July.

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