Truth cages Pushloop into Deep Dark & Dangerous on their latest adventures

Wednesday June 28th, 2017. Dear diary, today has been an adventurous day. We had the opportunity to travel alongside an experienced New Zealand team to explore the rough territories of the northern Californian dubstep jungle. Properly equipped, the dubstep hunters Truth have been guiding us through dark forests and dangerous cliffs, looking for upcoming wild talents. In fact Truth is known for travelling across the globe using their instinct to track down nothing but unique species. As the night started to fall, we suddenly came across the habitat of a very rare, highly skilled, yet unknown specimen. Without any hesitation Truth immediately caged the Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz and sub.mission-affiliated Pushloop into their record label. This 13th catch from the Deep Dark & Dangerous once again shows how determined the two dubstep hunters are when it comes to discovering new talent.