Circle Vision was the obvious outlet for Sukh Knight to release "Scorpion" on

Since the beginning Circle Vision, the label founded by RDG, has been an eye-catching imprint within dubstep. As they’re currently presenting release number eight, another noteworthy instalment, we’re asking the label about their receipt for the ongoing quality: “The imprint aims to represent the people in my personal circle; those with the same vision and a similar style. Circle Vision is for the producers I support and who support me likewise, we are a close family. Nonetheless I am looking for integrity and innovation and for people who want to work together to gain something bigger.” For CV008 they introduce the London champion Sukh Knight: “Sukh Knight has been supporting my tunes ever since his brother Squarewave released my vinyl record on his New World Audio imprint. Already back in 2015 we started talking about releasing Sukh Knight’s music on Circle Vision and as I have been supporting “Scorpion” for a couple of years now, it felt very natural for us to release it on the label.” “Scorpion” is also the track which caught our attention on this multifaceted “Scorpion” EP. The track endures a constant clash between a weighty boasting sub bass, high-pitched stings and threatening tear-out pincers. You can get your claws onto this record on the 23rd of February 2018.