Sleeper bundles the Crucial sound on his label's first compilation

Those who are familiar with the Crucial Recordings Podcasts, prime example being the latest instalment by Saule, definitely know the struggle of hearing nothing but trailblazing weight, hypnotic sounds and pure heat, while not being able to identify the track IDs at all. Chances are high you will be able to cross off four from your dubplate list at once after bagging the newest release from the ever-expanding Crucial Recordings. One of the most innovative dubstep imprints explore new roads with their next project as Sleeper explains: “This is the first instalment of what I’m hoping will turn into a series of releases.” CRUCIAL014, the label’s first various artists compilation, authenticates once more Crucial Recordings’ diversifying and irreplaceable personality. Sleeper further clarifies: “These tunes came together because they maybe either wouldn’t fit on a solo EP or were just rather random collaborations which would have stayed dubplates forever.” We’ve shed our light on “Johnny, Are You A Ghost?”; typical Mesck material which fuels the fire with forceful distorted frequencies. Nonetheless Saule, Moonstones, Mesck, Oxóssi, Samba and labelhead Sleeper are all responsible for the damage this first “CRUCIAL EP” will cause. Experience the authentic Crucial sound in full effect.