Sleeper, Thelem & Mesck - "CRUCIAL010"

It is no surprise that Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings, which was mentioned in the top ten of upcoming record labels according to UKF, would bring forward a quality milestone edition. But oh my god this tenth edition is on a completely different level. We’re talking about a 4-track masterpiece featuring Sleeper, Thelem and Mesck. Their “Ghettonomics EP” is a topnotch collection of criminal-sounding collaborations from three essential members of one of the absolute finest dubstep record labels at the moment. This record actually came along when Sleeper and Thelem were staying at Mesck’s place in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2015. Mesck, who is also the mastermind behind all Crucial’s artwork, started working from then on together with Alex and Matty on these few dubplates and since then it’s been beating down clubs all over. Almost two years later CRUCIAL010 is due to release on the 17th of March 2017.

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