Foamplate - "CRUCIAL003"
Release in its totality

It all really started for newcomer Foamplate because of Vivek showing appreciation for an -at that time- unknown producer handing him a dubplate at SYSTEM, which later turned out to be Foamplate, a 22-years-old producer from Brighton, UK. Earlier Foamplate released his first single “Fuzz” and now he’s being properly introduced to Sleeper’s digital/vinyl imprint Crucial Recordings with his very own debut EP as he is releasing three brand new tracks. CRUCIAL003 is due to release on the 11th of September and features “7.5”, “Cargo” and “Oculus Rift”. Our colleagues from TRUSIK did an in-depth interview with Foamplate to put this release in the spotlight – definitely worth checking out as well.

Download CRUCIAL003