Mesck returns to his home label Chestplate for CHST041

By simply looking to the artwork you know it’s Los Angeles’ badman Mesck who’s releasing something incredible again. We feel like the quality of Mesck’s music has been remarkably increasing after he spent some quality time in the studio with Thelem and Sleeper. Both “The Veil” and “Slang Suffocate” have been smashing dancefloors all around the globe so it’s obvious we’d see these tunes released on Chestplate, Mesck’s home record label, sooner or later. Let’s definitely not forget about Chestplate which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this summer. CHST041 is due to release on the 26th of May 2017 and this is the perfect single to celebrate that great milestone. We’re sure label owner Distance has some more heavyweight for our chestplates in store.