5 Years of album

"Celebrating five years of" On the 2nd of October 2017 the independent Belgian platform celebrates its 5th anniversary by releasing its debut album., one of the leading references for...

Le Lion – “DUPLOC018″

"One release, two debuts" Those who have been following since the beginning definitely remember the innovative Le Lion regularly passing by. The Rotterdam-based producer always had an open-minded...

AxH – “DUPLOC017″

"The debut of AxH on" proudly announces its newest signee AxH. The Boston-based dubstep enthusiast is very selective when it comes to releasing music as he released his best dubplates...

Kloudmen – “DUPLOC016″

"A new year, a new signee" kicks off 2017 by signing the Swedish dubstep duo Kloudmen. A refreshing, yet not too surprising start for the Belgian dubstep imprint as they’re acknowledged for...

Release discography 2016

"..We continue our journey after a year of exploring dark alleys packed with fresh talent from the streets of London and Birmingham to the heart of Brussels and Santa Cruz. This year we decided to restrict...

Rygby – “DUPLOC014″

Rygby – “Pagan / Poltergeist” is due to release on the 10th of October 2016, catalogued as DUPLOC014.

Digid – “DUPLOC013″

Digid – “The People's War / Mash Down” is due to release on the 11th of July 2016, catalogued as DUPLOC013.