Bukez Finezt - "Lemme Handle Dat / Nuff Said"
Release in its totality

Germany’s next top wobble is ready to release two fresh singles via Bass Cologne on the 30th of September 2015. As the label name quite obviously refers to a bass-oriented imprint signing all types of bass music from producers in and around Cologne, founded to support local music and give both the upcoming as well as the well-established producers a decent outlet. As Bukez Finezt lives in Cologne, he was happy to release two (rather heavy) tunes from himself and contribute to the music scene in his hometown. “Nuff Said” is our favourite from the EP, as the 29-years-old German proves once again the diversity he can put in his productions. We’re slightly more into his proper deep stuff, but BCGN024 definitely is an essential purchase from Bukez Finezt’s release catalogue.

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