Another two sound system slammers from J:Kenzo

Respected for his on-point track selection, valued for curating one of dubstep’s most consistent imprints and praised for his stomping minimal productions, J:Kenzo pushes forward a new single on his label Artikal Music UK. The Kent rooted tells us that over the years he firmly made a decision to release his own music on his own record label. On the question about which of his own productions do make the final cut, J:Kenzo answers promptly: “When deciding my own releases on Artikal, I make sure I have played the tracks out in the club and on radio plus I send them out to other DJs to get a feel of their reaction. I am very critical of my own music so deciding what to release can take some time.”

Let’s dive straight into the record. Rudebwoi J:Kenzo appears to be on the hunt in “Shark Eye”, a beast of a tune which completely catches you off guard. J:Kenzo brings above his inner native predator as a razor sharp percussion crunches the twisted tribal vibe. Flipping the shark on its head for the B-side causes the extant aggression to be tempered heavily as the deep-toned frequency in “Asutoraru” seems to be hypnotised by a calm yet steady flow. Hence the yin and yang reference in the artwork referring to an excellent balance in energy on this twelve inch plate. Only a few months ago Jay treated us with “Cross Polarity” – now you can get your hands on another two sound system slammers. Overall both tracks complement each other fluidly. ARTKL028 releases on the 26th of January 2018.