Taiko - "Splinted EP"
Release in its totality

Following up Albion’s debut release with Vaun & Jafu, Albion Collective is releasing its second vinyl on the 29th of January 2016. AC walks down a rather odd road once again to pick up another very interesting and out of the box producer, Taiko (UK) and signed three dubstep tracks for his “Splinted EP”. ALBION002 is such a complete release sound-wise, simply a lovely collection of harmonious sounds which take you on a musical journey throughout all three tracks, as we are honoured to premiere the accordion-driven “Nickel”, alongside the features of FatKidOnFire, TRUSIK and GetDarker for respectively the well-known FKOF promo and a premiere of “Splinted” and “Fractal”. Out to Albion Collective for their relevant contribution to the dubstep vinyl records archive once again.

Download ALBION002