We invited our our long-term residents Bukez Finezt & ENiGMA Dubz to have a little chat about our 5th anniversary, the dubstep sound anno 2017 and their 25 favourite tunes featured on our platform.

Thanks for your list! It’s been quite a journey guys!

ENiGMA Dubz: It’s amazing to see how many uploads I’ve had over the years and I want to thank you for the support to date. Without platforms like yours, us producers don’t reach new people and to see the channel grow and gain respect over the years has been really great.

Bukez Finezt: Around four years ago I was searching for more Youtube channels to promote my music on. Then I stumbled upon DUPLOC. At that time I was happy that I found a nice new home for some of my beats. A lot of homies also got featured on DUPLOC which was great.

ENiGMA Dubz: The channel has brought a lot of producers through into a bigger light and it certainly introduced me to new producers. Rygby, ARtroniks and Krimer are a few that come to mind. For example “Shifted” by ARtroniks is something I discovered through the DUPLOC channel and I just love that style and sound.

You’re both very versatile producers, how did you experience the change in sound on our platform back in the days?

ENiGMA Dubz: I did notice the change on the channel and I can appreciate why it happened. During the early years [of the channel] the more wonky, harder and “riddim” style was coming through and growing rapidly. I say “riddim” but please know that to me it’s just dubstep, obviously on a particular vibe, but dubstep nevertheless. The scene then became oversaturated with copycats and a lot of mediocre tracks. I could feel the separation coming with the new “riddim” term branching off into its own scene, not that that’s an issue at all. I always like variety!

ENiGMA Dubz: Unfortunately though I feel that the “riddim” style gets frowned upon by the “purists” as a result of the boom in tracks coming out. I can see why though sometimes, as the essence of dubstep is missing in some of the tracks; the bottom end and weightiness which is what drew me to the genre in the first place. There were and still are however a lot of sick tracks coming out on that more wonky, “riddim” vibe, but you have to filter through a lot of stale music to find them. I can fully understand why you decided to push that vibe less when you did and I’d say the way you’ve taken the channel is a good move.

“When all the artists started to play harder sets, DUPLOC still supported the deeper side. Which I think is amazing.”

Bukez Finezt: I always loved that dubstep has so many faces. It was good to see producers finding new ways to write dubstep, to create a new energy. I wasn’t feeling much of the super cheesy melodies with brostep growls but I also didn’t have much against it. I focussed on the sound I like. I think it’s a good sign when a sound or a genre finds new ways of expressing itself. Listeners and producers only have to focus on what they like instead of hating on people who gave it a new and different twist.

Bukez Finezt: I produce heavy stuff and deep stuff. I know that people always went to DUPLOC to hear the more wonky side of dubstep. Still heavy but in a skanky way. And that’s what people loved about it. When all the artists started to play harder sets, DUPLOC still supported the wonky, deep side. Which I think is amazing.

Any particular words on the tracks you’ve picked together guys?

ENiGMA Dubz: Abstrakt Sonance is a really great producer and someone I keep up to date with a lot. His energy and passion for sound is really evident and I even buy coffee from him and get it shipped over from Canada! Something else we both share a passion for. Love this guy. Also “Bare Knuckles” by BadKlaat is just one of those timeless bangers which I regularly draw for. EVA808 on the other hand is someone I’ve only recently discovered and she is very sick indeed!

Bukez Finezt: Samba came into the scene and blew me and I think a lot of others away. His style is super unique and I love his fresh ideas! Commodo’s remix of Free Frocus by Gantz is something which doesn’t need any explanation. Hearing that intro and you know it’s shutdown time. And last but not least there’s Aweminus. He is one of those artist who can send me simply anything and I’m in love with it straight away. He’s bringing his own special sound to tunes which I really rate. His synthwork is great and his tune “Mans On Road” is a percy. I could play it in every single set.

The full list with their 25 favourite on SoundCloud.
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