duploc.com, the independent Belgian platform founded by DUPLOC, is renowned to be one of the leading references in dubstep worldwide. Originally we launched our brand in 2012 as a promotional outlet and meanwhile we expanded to a currently 20.000-strong community with our own events, a prestigious record label and a well-respected online magazine. Most important it is our ambition to show the listener a true and complete definition of dubstep.

duploc.com has been founded at the end of 2012 by the 24-year-old Belgian Pieter Grauwels, mainly with the purpose of showing the listener that dubstep does mean more then the image that is portraited around it. Originally 140bmp, deep bass-focussed music was labelled as “dubstep” back in 2002 by DJ Hatcha. The foundation of the genre was based solely around experiencing sound. Though due to commercial interests for the “tearout” side (read heavy growls and lazer sounds), this was the sound which eventually spread all over Europe and the United States and now we witness that the average music listener has a misconception of what the genre is about. When the hype and commercial interest around this music slowly started to fade away, there was a place again for the original music to shine through. That’s when we launched our concept because we aimed to show the listener a wide spectrum of sounds and styles within dubstep, while respecting the UK-culture. In regards to Belgium we feel like it’s our responsibility to educate the youngsters and to give talented local producers a platform to do something within dubstep.

It all started with the launch of a simple YouTube channel. From the very beginning our ambition was not to be just another channel, but we wanted to create a community. Next to promoting exclusive content from our partners, we developed some side-projects which supported the music we were pushing. Launching this website in June 2013, through which we publish reviews and interviews, has been an essential part in our growing process. Other worth-mentioning projects are our duploc.com podcast series and our “Best of duploc.com album” series. Apart from the online aspect, Pieter Grauwels - under the alias of DUPLOC - is also taking bookings as DJ since 2013 due to his “BACKSTAGE” mix series via which he is regularly showcasing exclusive forthcoming content. From 2014 on we’ve been working with quite a few organizations in several different countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany to set up our very own events, where we invite our artists to play live. Apart from that we also did set up a webshop in 2014 where we’re distributing merch worldwide.

In 2015 we eventually launched our very own record label, through which we started to release two-track singles catalogued as DUPLOC001, 002, etc. which are available worldwide through all digital stores and streaming platforms. In April 2016 we finally printed our first single on vinyl. On the 2nd of October 2017, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, our first official album entitled “5 Years of duploc.com album” will be available in stores.

Apart from all these projects, our focus obviously remains on promoting quality and original content via our outlets in order to reach listeners worldwide with a diversity of dubstep sounds and show listeners what the UK dubplate culture has got to offer. It is lovely to see that some of our listeners picked up producing along the way as they’re inspired by the diversity we aim to bring to the table. Some of these producers are in fact part of the next generation artists who push the sound we love. Our mission is to inspire listeners and producers in order to make the dubstep story come full circle.

*last updated March 2017